Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boundless imagination

Oftentimes if we don't kick into our daily schedule early enough in the morning (like within minutes of finishing breakfast) the boys (usually initiated by O Boy) have concocted an entire day's worth of imaginative machines and/or activities to take the place of anything I thought we should accomplish (chores, actual school "work", etc.). O Boy frequently tells me early in the morning, "Mom, this is a #2 (or #7 or #10) Busy Day for me." He gets this from hours of listening to the Pooh stories and the Rabbit's Busy Day chapter in particular. "It was a Busy Day, a Captainish sort of day..." He has many of these days. Months ago he got me to write the numbers 1-10 on an old piece of paper and then he tacked it up to his bulletin board. This is what he refers to as his "Busy Day" list. Therefore, each Busy Day is numbered 1-10. Logical! He must have parents that frequently talk about their calendars and to-do lists...

The other day before I could get the dishes into the dishwasher they had developed this incredibly complex flying machine using our seesaw. The plan was birthed when they decided to fly to up to the ceiling fan. So of course they needed a flying machine to get them there...and parachute packs for when they parachuted down...and oxygen masks and goggles for the high altitude...etc.

Here you can barely see O Boy's parachute pack strapped to his back. He carefully packed it with a piece of cloth as his parachute. He spent most of the creation/building time with this toilet paper tube strapped to his face, speaking through it.
Mr. T, ready for take-off

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