Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making oatmeal playdoh

One of their "workbox" tasks for this particular day in school was following a recipe to make their own bowl of oatmeal playdoh. They then had to use it to cover up the shape of a bear to sort of form it into a bear. This was one of those activities that I lifted basically straight out of the curriculum I am using (Read, Play and Learn) sort of against my better judgement. The covering of the bear/making it into a bear shape is perhaps something some little neat preschool/kindergarten girl might find interesting. These boys? No way. Read on to find out what their favorite part of this activity was.

Yes, reading and following the recipe quickly digressed into "let's see what happens when we dump the various ingredients into the large bowl of water mom put here for us to measure OUT of." Nice! Guess it ended up as a science experiment...

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