Friday, October 15, 2010

Homeschool PE class: rolls

Last week our homeschool PE class was all about the different kinds of rolls you can do. The wonderful elementary PE curriculum book I have suggests using food descriptors to teach the rolls. So we named each of the 3 rolls I taught this way: hot dog, watermelon, and pizza (or pie) rolls. After they demonstrated each roll several times, then they got to put the 3 rolls together into a "picnic lunch" in any order they chose. They had to tell us their menu before they rolled and then demonstrate their combination. It was really fun! I had forgotten how incredibly difficult these rolls can be and how much they work your core muscles. So this ended up being a really good PT session for Mr. T. And he had so much fun he didn't even realize it.

Here's Doris helping Mr. T do a hot dog roll. It's very hard to do this roll with your feet and arms perfectly straight. You have to depend almost entirely on your core muscles to keep you rolling. Try it! One thing I love about these pictures is the other kids in the background rolling around while they wait.
The Little Sweetie was roaming around, back and forth across the mat, while the boys nicely waited in line and did their rolls one by one. So I finally caught her to see if she wanted to do some rolls just by herself with me. She screamed and wiggled and wanted to do it all by herself instead! I think here she's saying "roll, roll!"
Here's Mr. T doing a watermelon roll. In this roll you have to stay tightly tucked and again, use your core to keep your momentum going. Very tricky. We had a lot of wobbly watermelons rolling around. The procedure here was that they did watermelon rolls all across the mat and then, when they got to the end, they got up and jumped as high and they could and yelled, "SPLAT!" (as a watermelon would splat!). You can see the other little watermelons all lined up and ready to roll.
Watermelons everywhere. I love this picture of the Little Sweetie trying to be just like the big boys.
O Boy doing a watermelon.
Rowan doing a watermelon.
It was very hard for Mr. T to keep his arms and legs out in the hot dog roll because it's easier to bring them into a tuck position to help maintain a rolling position. Here you can see O Boy helpfully showing him what to do.
Here's Mr. T doing his watermelon "SPLAT!" He got some good height on that splat!
Here's Rowan's SPLAT!

Here are the boys getting ready to do forward rolls. Their gymnastics teacher had a great phrase to teach this: "Reach up high, reach down low, and over you go."
Rowan forward rolling.
O Boy doing more watermelons.
At this point the Little Sweetie wanted to break into the action and, out of the blue, came and plopped herself down on top of O Boy as he was getting ready to do a perfect execution of a hot dog roll. It was pretty hilarious and turned into an immediate "everyone dogpile on O Boy" moment.

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