Friday, October 01, 2010

Homeschool class: fall leaves

Our first homeschool art class was a perfect fall activity: painting beautiful fall leaves. To set them up for the activity, Andrea read some great picture books about fall and fall leaves. Then we got to go paint away with water color and spray water to diffuse the colors.
They look fantastic in a window!

I just need to note that I was astonished to watch the Little Sweetie, at 18 months, participate in this activity with only a little bit of support...and come out without a drop of paint on her clothes. I don't think I've ever done an art project with the boys and had that end result. Amazing.

A few days ago we also drew with washable markers on coffee filters and dripped water on those with eye droppers. This is a great activity for filling in areas (scribbling) with markers and fine motor control for those tricky eye droppers. Then we cut them into leaf shapes. But the water color leaves gave a much more brilliantly colored leaf.
Here's the finished product from our art class. Look at the great colors!

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