Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Homeschool art class: race cars

Doris was in charge of art class a few weeks ago and since we knew it would be just our 3 boys (plus the Little Sweetie) this particular week, she brought a whole bunch of Cars (the movie) characters for the boys to color, cut out and glue onto a scene. Since this is not something my boys would normally choose to do happily and freely, it was a fantastic thing to do with an enthusiastic friend right next to them. The coloring, cutting and glueing were all excellent activities to stretch both of our boys, but especially Mr. T. He's really working on covering an area completely with small scribbles. This is MUCH trickier than I ever would have imagined! But this was a project that gave him a chance to work on this skill in a motivating setting. It was really fun to see the final product. Each boy's section of the road was totally different and creative in their own way. Ka-chow, boys! You did a fantastic job! Great idea, Doris!

As he does with his Little Crowd (his collection of Matchbox cars), Mr. T neatly lined all his cars up along his road. I think in this picture he was trying to convince me yet again to let him stop coloring and release him to go run around the church...
On the other hand, O Boy jumped into this project with a lot more enthusiasm. He was totally spurred on by Mr. Creativity (Rowan) right next to him.
Mr. T escaped the art table!
They were saying, "Ka-chow!"
O Boy's section featured outer space, including planets, Halley's Comet (not sure where that came from but he was clear that it was specifically Halley's Comet), stars, sun, boats, a lake, and railroad scenes.
Rowan's fantastic finished product (not sure why I didn't get a picture of Mr. T's section!)

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