Friday, October 15, 2010

Hammer + nails + insulation board = fun!

We found some stray pieces of insulation board at the church work site that had blown into the woods the other day. So last week when we were on a "vacation" week from school we hauled it out and spent the better part of a morning covering it with holes. The kids are all in their pajamas because I told them that, since it was the last "vacation" day, it could also be a pajama day. Hooray!

This activity has so many extensions and uses. It's one of my favorite things to do with all 3 kids. Just make sure you choose SHORT nails or you go right through your insulation board! Good thing we weren't hammering on the floor! We also like to use plastic toy hammers and golf tees for beginning construction workers.

When interest started to wane we came up with the brilliant idea of hammering nails and tees into a race course shape. So of course we had to plan out the course, nail everything in, make adjustments, drive a few races, make more adjustments, add some obstacles to jump over...and then take the nails all out again! Actually, before we completely cleaned up we hammered all the nails and tees into the board as far as they could go so that taking them out again was more of a challenge for little fingers.

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