Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Building with Bristle blocks

A few weeks ago Mr. T met with his OT for the first time this year. Building with all kinds of blocks, especially Legos and Bristle blocks, was encouraged. Legos we have aplenty, having been generously handed down the entire Skeek family collection a few years ago. But we didn't have any Bristle blocks, which I remember having a lot of fun with when I was little. So I was going to head online and buy a set eventually. I rarely, rarely go to the Salvation Army these days but I decided to swing in either that same day or the next. Guess what was sitting in the toy section? A (as far as I can tell) complete bucket of Bristle blocks! Wow! Thank you, God!

O Boy of course immediately began going crazy with these things. He has built all manner of machine, from aircraft carrier stocked with a complete fleet of submarines and lifeboats, to helicopters to airplanes...
This is a recent digger he made when we were all working together a few days ago.
Here's the robot that Mr. T and Mom built.

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