Friday, October 01, 2010

Building sand castles

We've had such a fantastic fall (warm and dry) that we've actually been able to keep doing a lot of the fun summer things a lot later into the year. Usually by this point we're pretty well trapped in by rain! So a few Fridays ago our friends Doris and Rowan suggested we head out on a beautiful morning to go make a sandcastle at the beach. Even though we don't do structured "school" stuff on Fridays, I figured it would be a good learning experience for my boys to actually have to make a sand castle, as opposed to just knocking down ones that others make. I figured being with a friend would give some extra positive peer pressure to encourage them to FINISH a sand castle. Which they did!

The Little Sweetie had fun being a part of the crew filling the moat. And as long as she stayed AWAY from the sand castle the boys were happy.

But of course demolishing the sand castle was the highlight of the entire process.
The Smash, Crash Crew
Best classroom in the world

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