Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 Bears: Panda face snack

Lots of times the magazine Clubhouse Jr. has really fun and easy themed snacks that we'll try if we have all the food supplies. A recent issue had a panda face snack that looked pretty cool. Since we were reading the 3 bears (I know pandas aren't real bears...), we decided to try making it. Though not particularly a nutritiously well-rounded snack, it sure looked cool. Just mush regular rice together and cut olives into the various shapes (a good fine motor activity) to make the face. There aren't any pictures of the Little Sweetie's panda face since she just ate any olives I gave her as fast as I passed them out.
Thanks for our Clubhouse Jr. subscription, Mimi!

As I should have expected, O Boy decided to alter the original design. Instead of using an olive for the panda's smile, he mushed and smushed an opening in the rice for a smile of his own making.

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