Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oregon trip: Sue Mimi's new baby chicks

Sue Mimi always has many special surprises planned for her great grandkids when they noisily come to the Farm (special yogurts, Moose tracks ice cream, organic everything etc.) but this year she outdid herself: she hatched 3 chicks! This meant not only waking at various points during the night to care for them but also rotating their boxes from inside to outside, feeding, cleaning and caring for them from hatching to the day (a few weeks later) when she said, "They're going out to the henhouse! They're on their own!!" There aren't many great-grandmas who would specially hatch 3 chicks just to give her great grandkids an amazing, unique experience. Thank you, Sue-Mimi! We love you!

We actually got to see the eggs when they were unhatched, but you could hear the babies peeping inside. These pictures were taken just shortly after they finally hatched.

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