Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oregon trip: fishing day with Trevor and Papa

Last year while we were down in Oregon we heard about a fun fishing day created just for kids with special needs. For a combination of reasons we just couldn't participate last year but we remembered it for this summer. Since it was something that only Mr. T could really participate in, we decided to send him off with Papa (and a camera of course!) to see what it was all about. O Boy got to go to Fort Vancouver with Daddy to see a real soldier's bivouac with men all dressed up in period clothing, watch cannons fire, and tour the fort (with no camera). Both boys had very special days but I have the photo record of Trevor's memory-making day with Papa...

Here's the picture that sums up the day: the happy fishermen holding up some of their catch. I absolutely love Mr. T's expression in this picture. It is totally hilarious, as if he is not surprised that he caught 5 steelhead at all.

These next 2 photos were taken by a local newspaper photographer who seemed to really love taking pictures of Mr. Excited. Apparently my dad reported that Mr. T kept saying over and over again, "I so 'cited! I so 'cited!" every time he'd get a bite.

Apparently because of Mr. T's charisma and charm (which any of you know him can probably imagine), he collected quite an entourage of followers, photographers, watchers, cheerleaders, and helpers. He had several of the experienced fishermen/volunteers jostling to help him catch "the big ones." And they did!

Mr. T actually caught so many that they gave 1 or 2 away to one of the other children who wasn't catching very many.

Reeling in another big one

Thanks to everyone at the Lake Merwyn Fish Hatchery who made this such an incredible day for one small boy (and his proud Papa). Each child got a t-shirt, fishing pole, tackle box, free lunch, and the best gift of all: the chance to tell others, "I caught 5 big fish!!" They had a storyteller there, free lunch for all participants, and many other kid-friendly activities. It was truly a special day for special kids. Thanks to my dad to taking Mr. T (though I think he had JUST AS MUCH FUN as Mr. T did!).

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