Monday, July 26, 2010

Oregon trip: fun with cousins in Seattle

We did many fun things while we were down south this summer, but the vacation started off in a really special way with a 2 night stay in Seattle with my brother and his fantastic family. Now that they live in Seattle, it's harder to get together to spend serious, quality time with them so it was very generous of them to let us invade their home and muck up their yard just to have some special together-with-cousins time. Thanks, John and Missi! We loved being with you!

Mr. Cool Drew was very kind to throw the Frisbee over and over again with his little Frisbee-loving cousin, Mr. T.

You know if you're at the Wilson house, they are going to bring out the baseball gear at some point!

Not only a good hitter like her dad, but looking stylish while doing it like her mom!

The Little Sweetie doing the post-hit "hooray for me!" clap.

It was hot, hot, HOT while we were in Seattle and so of course the kids spent most of their time outside...with water. Actually, they spent most of an entire afternoon making their entire side yard into one mudpool cascading into another mudpool cascading into another mudpool...
It is a testimony to what a cool dad my brother is that, when he came home from work and walked out on the deck to see the devastation and mud mania he exclaimed, "Cool! That looks like so much fun!"

I think this is Sam in outfit #1. She went through several costume changes as the day wore on.

Of course with biggest cousin Drew on the crew, the pool at the bottom of their series of cascading pools was turned into a LAKE! I love the expression of the Little Sweetie here, who really wanted to be a part of the action but knew that this mudpit just might be a bit out of her league (or over her head!).

This incredible creation was dubbed Rock Mountain.

Mud monsters

And then it was into the bath!

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