Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer fun: hiking Ohmer Creek

While wonderful Anne Hurni was up here visiting and helping out I asked if she wanted to do a bit of hiking. She was up for it, my kids are always up for a hike, and several friends old and new were interested as well. So we embarked on a pretty ambitious plan to hit almost every trail available to our age and ability levels. Thankfully we had great weather, got fun pictures, and made some wonderful memories.


One thing we love about Ohmer Creek are the HUGE trees to climb up to, onto, and around.
Some of the hikers playing Poohsticks. Always a favorite!
O Boy, the most picture-resistant member of our family, never ceases to amaze me with little moments when he actually asks to be photographed. Here he said to me, "Mom, take a picture of me hugging these flowers." Was I ever happy to oblige! What a funny, sweet boy.

The Martin Beauties

Snack break!

Fearless "leader" Little Sweetie didn't stay in the lead long...the picture above shows some of her impatient followers cutting in line to take over the lead position.

The whole kid crew. Please note which children are steadfastly refusing to be photographed.

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