Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Fun: 3 Lakes (Hill and Crane Lake trails)

On another hike we decided to tackle the Crane Lake trail, which is always a favorite of ours. Short, and with a boat ride at the end. Perfect! Once we all got there, which was a bit complicated with several cars all trying to go the same place at the same time without cell phone was so early in the day that we decided to keep on hiking to the Hill Lake trail. This was something that none of us had done (perhaps ever? I can't remember) but we sort of remembered the map and figured it couldn't be that long of a hike. But we were wrong. So we ended up with an extremely long death march type hike out with many adventures and screaming babies along the way. I knew the kids were tired when they crawled up the stairs at the very end of the Hill Lake trail. Thankfully we had lots of fairly cheerful adults to keep the troops headed in the right direction and Becky passed out M&Ms along the way to keep the babies and other dispirited hikers happy as long as they held out. She also ran ahead and got cars to ferry us back to our parking spots at the very end to spare little legs those last few exhausted steps. Glad Anne will have another good story to tell about her trip to Petersburg! And now we know all about the Hill Lake trail...

Ready for the boat ride

Taking a very late and very appreciated lunch break once we finally, finally made it to Hill Lake.

Boating on Crane Lake

One of our adventures was that, as the kids were sitting on the bridge over Hill Lake, Mr. T just up and threw one of the Little Sweetie's shoes into the lake. Out of the blue. Resourceful Becky (definitely the hero of the day) used raw courage and a life jacket to fish it back out again. Hooray!

The Little Sweetie still isn't sure that the fun of a boat ride is worth the misery of being squished into a life jacket.

A pretty little bird nesting near Crane Lake that just sat and watched all our antics and let us take all sorts of photos of it.

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