Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sprinklers 101

Several weeks ago we got our first blast of summer sun. Since we are experienced in how to handle such short bursts of warm weather, we immediately hauled out the sprinkler, filled up the wading pool and threw on the bathing suits. The boys had no trouble living it up in and out, around and through the pool and sprinkler. The Little Sweetie was not so sure about it all.

This is my favorite picture. It seems to capture their absolute delight at being out in the sun and water just perfectly!
Sending pitchers of water down the slide was just as exciting as going down themselves! It made a big explosion of water as it hit the pool.

If this picture had a sound track, it would be the theme music for the movie Jaws. You can just see her bracing herself for the worst.
There's nothing like a sprinkler on a beautiful sunny day!
But the Little Sweetie just can't quite figure out the charm of it all; it keeps sneaking up on her when she least expects it!

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