Friday, June 04, 2010

Little Norway Festival 2010

This year our good friend Becky loaned the Little Sweetie a pretty bunad (Norwegian costume) to wear for the festivities. Here are a few pictures of her playing in the bunad in Grandma Alice's tulip garden.

This parade float was very Petersburg. I'm guessing that there aren't many politicians around the country who have 2 teens on their "vote for me" float shouting, "Vote for Steven, He ain't leavin!" in the hopes of getting you elected.
We barely made it to the parade in time because we had to get the Little Sweetie up from a nap and into her bunad and then (of course at the last minute) track down all the soldier paraphernelia we own for the boys to divide up and wear. Unfortunately one soldier helmet was hiding behind a door and remained there throughout the parade despite our frantic running all over the house to find it minutes before the parade was supposed to start.
the local Norwegian dancing troupe
Grandma Alice graciously accompanied us to the parade since Phil was out of town. Here are the boys in their sweaters and soldier outfits.

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