Saturday, June 26, 2010

Church Picnic at Blind Slough

Jumping off the bridge at Blind Slough is sort of a teenage rite of passage up here. A bright, sunny day must make it a little bit more bearable. This is Caleb Spragg, a high schooler from our church, taking the plunge. Brave boy!
There were a few kayaks around that were either offering rides or being shared by church friends. Mr. T, always up for an adventure, jumped at the chance to take the first ride with Mr. Matt (in the red kayak).
O Boy and mom headed out to try and catch them.

O Boy got to go out with Dad too.
Some of the kids dragged a submerged canoe out of the water and it was a perfect playground for the younger kids would couldn't go out swimming. Here's Mr. T getting ready to cast off.

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