Thursday, June 03, 2010

Art class: junk sculptures

Another recent art class was on building junk sculptures. This once again turned out quite different from I imagined it would. I had forgotten that kids this age think much more in terms of "function" rather than "form". So all the "sculptures" were actually recreations of real objects: houses, people etc. Very interesting. Here's a sampling of what was created.

Mr. T began by wanting to make a mountain (on top) and then very adamantly wanted to have me cut a circle, mount the cd inside and put blue tape all around for teeth. He was extremely sure of himself on this project when he wasn't totally distracted by all the junk and the other kids! But he hung in there much longer than he's ever done on something like this. Watch the video below to get a Mr. T guided tour of this "sculpture".
This was a very well done house made by one of the kids.
These girls made a castle and some princesses to live in the castle and then LY, in the background, began a great dog sculpture that she later finished at home.
These boys spent the entire time on a castle, complete with a working catapult, thrones and a drawbridge. Only one injury was incurred in the monumental task of cutting all those turrets around the top of the box!
Here MH shows off his complex creation of a "transmitter" (his dad is a radio engineer). It had "wires" and "generators" and so many other things connected to each other over and under and around. It was amazing.
Here's Mr. T's guided tour of his sculpture. I was interested to find out that, hours later from when he actually created it he still had the exact same description for what it was.

Here's O Boy's description of his telescope. This precious piece of art hung out around our house totally unnoticed for several weeks until I decided to throw it out. When that was discovered and such a fuss was made I had to bring it back in. It sat unnoticed again for many more days until it quietly disappeared. I guess I just don't appreciate fine art as much as I should.

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