Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Art class: drip paintings inspired by Jackson Pollack

Inspired by both Jackson Pollack's paintings and one of Mary Ann Kohl's art books, we did a really fun drip painting activity a few weeks ago in art class.

First, I showed them some pictures of Jackson Pollack's paintings and a great one of him actually creating one of them that really shows the energy he puts into his creations.

Next, we came outside and hammered nails into clean tin cans. I let the kids decide how they'd do this part and some chose to make 3 holes, others made one. Some of the cans gave very different results based on how big the holes were. It was a very interesting variable in this project I didn't anticipate. We then tied long string handles to the cans and had moms pour old house paint (water based but very thick) into the cans.

Then, the kids stood on chairs (or, if they were taller, just leaned over the large papers) and dripped, spun, streamed and splattered their paint all over their papers. Most kids did a few colors and some even added handprints to be like Jackson Pollack (their idea - very creative!). Every single one was totally unique and extremely beautiful in its own way. I was very surprised at how cool these actually looked when they all dried. A very fun project! Definitely needs to be done outside if you try to attempt this on your own!

Here's Mr. T's. He ended up with a can that didn't really stream the paint out but instead dripped it out.
The kids painting. The one on the right hand side was truly amazing. He had 3 small holes punched in his can and the paint all streamed out in beautiful lines all over the paper.

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