Thursday, May 13, 2010

For Daddy

Phil is away for a week. He jokingly said that he hoped I'd have the Little Sweetie eating with a spoon and fork when he returns. So we took this little video for Daddy...too bad we don't eat only applesauce for every single meal!
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crazy baby

There are no words to describe our baby in this video other than simply "crazy." Aren't new discoveries fun?
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Mother's Day

Here's my sweet little girl on Mother's Day. While Phil was talking across the parking lot and I was paying attention to the boys she found her own little personal mud bog to wallow in. Once I pulled her out, this is what she looked like:
"Let me go back to the mud!"

I'm thankful we had boys first so that we know just how very washable children are!

Snackin' in the sun

Thank you God for spring! Thank you God for sun!

Beach walk 2010

These are shots of our intrepid explorer on his preschool beach walk. Of course he had to take his treasure bucket I made him out of a sour cream container. This was nice because it determined the size and amount of treasures he could lug home.

On the hunt for treasures...
A small sea star, but still too big for the treasure bucket unfortunately for O Boy (fortunately, for the sea star!).
"Do you think we could fit this one in though?"

Mother's Day tea

The boys' preschool put on a very nice tea for moms this year complete with glass dishes, tableclothes and pretty little foods the kids and teachers had prepared. The kids had all been trained to serve their moms first!

"I may be here for the Mother's Day tea, but I'm sure these crazy children belong to someone else!"
O Boy's Mother's Day tea. Please notice the Little Sweetie's outfit that is nicely accessorized with her rubber boots.

Dressing up

Here are two recent creations that the boys came up with all on their own; I think both times when I was on the phone. !!

His version of O Boy's soldier outfit. Notice Mr. T has added goggles and "fire" - the pom pom.
This was an idea that O Boy thought sounded fun in the beginning (though I warned him...). After having me help remove the tape from his hair I think he's decided to steer clear of decorating himself like this again.

Art class: drip paintings inspired by Jackson Pollack

Inspired by both Jackson Pollack's paintings and one of Mary Ann Kohl's art books, we did a really fun drip painting activity a few weeks ago in art class.

First, I showed them some pictures of Jackson Pollack's paintings and a great one of him actually creating one of them that really shows the energy he puts into his creations.

Next, we came outside and hammered nails into clean tin cans. I let the kids decide how they'd do this part and some chose to make 3 holes, others made one. Some of the cans gave very different results based on how big the holes were. It was a very interesting variable in this project I didn't anticipate. We then tied long string handles to the cans and had moms pour old house paint (water based but very thick) into the cans.

Then, the kids stood on chairs (or, if they were taller, just leaned over the large papers) and dripped, spun, streamed and splattered their paint all over their papers. Most kids did a few colors and some even added handprints to be like Jackson Pollack (their idea - very creative!). Every single one was totally unique and extremely beautiful in its own way. I was very surprised at how cool these actually looked when they all dried. A very fun project! Definitely needs to be done outside if you try to attempt this on your own!

Here's Mr. T's. He ended up with a can that didn't really stream the paint out but instead dripped it out.
The kids painting. The one on the right hand side was truly amazing. He had 3 small holes punched in his can and the paint all streamed out in beautiful lines all over the paper.

Art class: sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

The last week of our art class I showed the kids pictures of art by one of my new favorite artists, Andy Goldsworthy. God has truly given him a unique, creative mind. After we looked through the art books the kids went out to make their own temporary, natural sculptures/structures. Here is what they came up with. Their creations were, as always, so much more amazing than I could have imagined.

CP and his mom made this beautiful little tent/teepee out of a skunk cabbage leaf, sticks and cut grass woven together. This was the only shot that turned out because it was such a windy day it kept blowing over. The perils of doing art outside!
This was the first of a couple presentations that LY and MP made together. This is, as you can see, a bird's nest in a tree and garden. So creative!
Then they decided to move the nest outside to a real tree and add some dandelions for a different setup. Lovely! Here you can see the eggs they made out of moss.
This was a stunning boat that TE made out of a stick, a skunk cabbage leaf and an old board. We decided to photograph it in our creek to add to the effect. To get the stick to stay in the board he first hammered a nail a little ways down into the board to make a hole. Very creative!
This is a unique bundle of sticks that IT made after seeing a bundle that Andy Goldsworthy made out of huge trees. This was a very carefully planned out bundle, with all the sticks carefully pruned and cut to the same size and then tied with grasses. IT spent the rest of the class trying to make an arch out of rocks like Andy Goldsworthy does but unfortunately IT's arches kept crashing. He really worked hard at it though.
This is Mr. T's picture that he made with the help of another mom who was assisting in the class. They tied bundles of different plants that he chose and then he arranged them on the paper. This is not his favorite thing to do so I was proud of him (and thankful for the mom helping him) for hanging in there and finishing this picture.
This is O Boy's predictably complicated arrangement. It began as a wall and people going on a boat and, and, and...and then it turned into the Titanic. So there really is a rhyme and reason behind everything on the paper and it's all somehow connected to the Titanic.