Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wreath making

Last Saturday my very generous friend Janet came over to teach me how to make a wreath out of blueberry branches. She used to do this professionally so she is an excellent and very patient teacher. Our boys were kept busy happily using clippers to cut more branches and the Little Sweetie spent the entire time in a backpack on my back. In between breaking to hunt for Mr. T in the woods twice and distracting the Little Sweetie from pulling my hair out we got the wreath done! Thank you, Janet!
Then I started trying to figure out how I could make wreaths with the boys.
This is what I came up with:

To make a spring wreath you need
--yogurt or Cool Whip (or similar) container and lid
--garbage twisty ties - you'll only need 4 (I think you could do this with string, it would just take a bit more time)
--brush clippers or very sharp kitchen shears

1. (Mom) Cut out the inside of the yogurt lid so that it makes a fairly thick ring. This is so that the greenery your child places around the ring will have a surface to lay on.
2. (Mom and child) Head outside to clip greenery or find things to put on your spring wreath. We even added moss to ours. I had Mr. T put all his snippings in the yogurt container so that we could carry them around with us easily. It also limited the SIZE he could cut! Getting to use the clippers was the best part of this project for my boys.
3. (Mom and child) Come inside and trim down and pick out what you're going to put on your wreath.
4. (Child) Lay 4 bunches of greenery around the ring.
5. (Mom) Twist the garbage ties around the bunches and VOILA! you have a very sweet smelling spring wreath!

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