Sunday, April 18, 2010

Raven's Roost hike with Nikki and kids

One of our new favorite hikes to do is the bottom part of the Raven's Roost trail. It heads straight out of town and begins to climb up a small mountain so you get instant quiet and great views both going up and coming down. The other day my friend Nikki and I took all our kids except for Mr. T (he was in preschool) to do 2 hours of the hike (to the top of the mtn and back it's a much longer hike). O Boy and E Ward were little troopers and, as long as they had sticks in their hands to stick into any muskeg ponds that were close by the boardwalk, they were pretty happy!

This was actually our turn-around point. We stopped here for quite awhile beside this great stream so that the boys could "fish."
It was a beautiful day in our neighborhood!

Little boy, BIG trees. Can you find O Boy in this picture?
Hiking with bare feet (her boots kept coming off so I finally took them off)!
Muscle men at the top of the rock pile! To the side of the boardwalk for part of the way is a HUGE rock road. I'm not exactly sure why it was put there. But of course we had to climb to the top to see what was on the other side.

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