Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ohmer Creek hike with Nikki and her boys

On Monday Nikki and I took all our kids out to do a section of the Ohmer Creek trail. This is a great trail to hike on because most of it is really accessible for even the babies to hike on. In fact, they walked most of the way! And then, when the Little Sweetie absolutely had to go in the backpack again, she protested very, very, very loudly.

Here they are on the trail through the muskeg.
Who knew a field of skunk cabbage could be so lovely?
There are many amazing old trees to be seen on this trail and one of them had a huge section of its center gouged out. The boys all had to climb in it to get their picture taken. O Boy decided to turn it into a sniper's nest.

The floating bridge
Here you'll note I was smiling, but I was sure that one of these boys would either lose a boot or go headfirst into the very deep pond at any moment. Now that would have been a picture to snap. Thankfully, all boys and boots made it safely over and back again. You probably wouldn't see many bridges like this down south, with these huge openings just made for a boy to tip through. Living in Alaska is always exciting!
This tree was completely rotten, eaten apart from the inside by some kind of bug. It was all soft and spongy.
The Little Sweetie pauses to pose while we look for a bug O Boy claims to have sighted.
All 4 Smiths actually caught in one picture.

Look on the top right of this huge root clump (this picture doesn't show how huge this actually is) and you'll notice a new tree growing out of the roots!
At one point along the stream O Boy put his hood up and decided to surprise us all by making it rain on us. Nice!

Good thing E Ward brought his digger along for the entire hike. Here the boys are stopping for a quick "play with the digger break." You can also see O Boy's treasure bucket that I rigged up for him. It was the first hike I didn't return with my pockets full of soggy treasures. He was thrilled, I was thrilled and the bucket was full. I wasn't so thrilled when he unloaded it on the way home and we all discovered that 2 of his treasures were large skunk cabbage stalks.
"C'mon guys! I can't hold this tree up on my own!"

Strange markings made by some creature on a tree
On the way back the boys stretched out our return trip by climbing on and jumping off of just about every third stump.


McDorky said...

Oh! This leaves me excited for summer hiking and camping! I know I would be motivated to be hiking even now if we had kids - I hike with my students all year round, rain or shine, because it is so essential to their inquiry and observational skills - as well as just plain fun!

Question: Are there many wild animals out there? And what type?

Anonymous said...

As I ate my Cream of Wheat this morning, I went for a delightful hike with my grandkids! Thanks, Jess, for sharing these fun picts. Mimi