Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crime Scene Art

Here's another project that definitely did not turn out the way I expected it to...

This is from the Big Messy Art Book by MaryAnn Kohl and I think it's called Pop! Painting or something like that. This is an outside activity!
First cut a large piece of paper out and lay it on the ground.

I asked O Boy to weight it down with some rocks and he meticulously lined up several rocks along each edge. This was the first part of the project that I didn't expect.

Then the Little Sweetie decided to add her artistic touch to our canvas by walking up and down on it.
Finally, the painting. The original project calls for you to put vinegar and tempera powder in a ziplock bag, add baking powder in a little packet, close it and watch it pop. We tried this 2x and weren't very impressed with the results. So we decided to up the popping firepower and get out the rockets we made for Valentine's Day presents.
So I put a bit of vinegar and tempera powder in the film canister can. You really have to stir this to mix the two. Then we made a little packet of baking soda out of a bit of paper towel. Then we shoved that in the film canister, put the lid on, put it on the paper and ran!
That made a much better paint impression. O Boy also decided to add sawdust to our composition. When it was all said and done, I realized to my surprise that we had just recreated a crime scene. Nice.

The only frustration I had with this project was that the tempera powder wasn't washable which adds quite a bit of stress to the project (especially since you are exploding it out of film canisters). Try this! It's fun!

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Anonymous said...

I wish we would have done this at Brian's party!! Mom