Saturday, March 27, 2010

Washing all that winter mud off...

Now that we're starting to have a few more sunbreaks each week we decided it was time to go muck out the cars. This may have been the Little Sweetie's first car washing experience that she was able to actively participate in. She was thrilled to be let loose to (literally) roll around in the soap, mud and water that were everywhere. And her brothers were thrilled to almost nail her with the hose again, and again, and again. Dad wasn't so lucky...they managed to soak him again, and again, and again.

She realized early on that a shovel was much more useful than a sponge in getting the maximum amount of suds out of the bucket.
"I think I lost my hand!"
O Boy always rolls out as many pieces of heavy equipment as he can find that desperately need washing just so that he can have an excuse to use the hose.
Getting to handle the hose is always the highlight of any carwashing experience. Here Mr. T is getting some tips from Dad, who is wisely standing behind him as he sprays.
I honestly didn't intend to take a picture of her laid out in a mud puddle (she was sitting happily in it when I came along). Just before I snapped the picture, she flopped forward onto her stomach! You can still see the waves she made as she splashed down!

In which a little pink penguin waddles around from puddle to puddle...
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