Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thank you, God for a strong roof!

We've had some very strong winds lately. Last Friday night, just minutes before we walked out the door to go on a date, Phil got a call that a tree was down on the new (unfinished) church. Yikes! So we dropped everything and headed out to see what the damage looked like. That was a long car ride, wondering what we'd find. Thankfully the damage could have been much worse and it is all being repaired already. But now the loggers in the church get to cut down a lot more trees around the building to prevent this from happening again!

Here's the top of the tree resting on the roof.
Thankfully it missed the gutters and just tipped over onto the roof ridge.

Here's where the sheetrock was popped open inside the chapel area from the impact of the tree coming down on the roof directly above this spot.

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