Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A splashing good time

A few days ago the boys wanted to stand at the 2 bathroom sinks next to each other and play in the water. So I got an armload of towels out and let them go at it. They did great for a very long time. I must report that the fun time ended in a tidal wave whipped up by Mr. T that caused the happiness to end in a lot of tears but that's another story. At the time this video was taken you can hear them in the background having lots of fun and keeping the splashing to a minimum. While they were happily splashing in the bathroom I set LS up in the kitchen with her own tub of bubbles. Then I kept going back and forth between the two water worlds depending on who sounded like they were generating the most mess. I really didn't expect her to get all the way in (what was I thinking?) but once she did, she stayed happily for about 20 minutes. Then she got undressed and played for a while longer. She was only unhappy when she tried walked around with only a very soggy diaper on. She would inevitably slip and land with a big SQUISH on the kitchen floor. When she'd crawl away there would be a huge, watery diaper print on the floor.

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