Thursday, March 18, 2010

Out and about

Several months ago as I was giving blood I began chatting with the tech about her new donkey, Starbaby. This is probably a conversation that's more likely to happen when you're giving blood in a small town hospital. Since it's pretty novel to own a donkey in Petersburg I asked her if the boys could come out and visit her sometime. So a few Sundays ago we headed out to see Starbaby. It was snowing pellets of ice at the time so when it's nicer weather we'll go back for an actual ride. We really don't miss out on too much living up here on a island...
They also have 2 bunnies which, if I remember correctly, are named Mister and Missus.

After visiting Starbaby we wandered around out the road and decided to take a look at the new stairs and lookout decking that was recently built at the Falls Creek Fish Ladder.
Falls Creek was really roaring! You can see that it was still snowing when I took the photo.
The Little Sweetie was far too mesmerized (or terrified?) by the falls to look at the camera.

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