Tuesday, March 09, 2010

One last winter blast

Yesterday we woke up to a beautiful, snowy winter wonderland. The powder was fluffy and the weather was warm; a great day for one last sledding extravaganza. So we headed out to a local sledding spot with some friends and sledded the day away. This morning it's windy, rainy and mush, mush, mush. So I'm thankful we grabbed the chance for one last sledfest!

O Boy wore his soldier costume sledding in the morning - you can see his soldier belt under his coat. By this time, though, he'd abandoned the shield, helmet and sword.

Rolling down the steep hill was a favorite activity.

Snow angels

Playgroup friends were there having sledding fun too.
"I can't look! Tell me when we hit the bottom!"
Mr. T loves the snow!
Little Sweetie (right) and a little playgroup friend all bundled up.
LS sledding with Dad.

King of the snow mountain
I love this picture: can you see Phil jumping to get out of the way as Mr. T careens down the hill toward him?

More rolling down the hill!
Phew! We made it to the bottom!
I can't move, but at least I'm warm.

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