Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making Submarines

We got a neat book from the library the other week called Cooking Art: Easy Edible Art for Young Children. Every once in a while the boys look through it and pick out a fun snack to make. They've made some neat things!
One of O Boy's recent toy acquisitions is a submarine (which he loves so much that he sleeps with it). So they decided to make a submarine for snack a few days ago. We had to adjust some of the recipe to fit the veggies that I had on hand, but it was still a fun activity (meaning both messy and delicious).

Step 1: First have Mom cut off the top of the cucumber. Hollow out the bottom of your cucumber. They did need a bit of help with this but they thought it was hilarious when the cucumber flesh would pop out of the cucumber and land somewhere else in the kitchen. Nice. We dumped the cucumber insides into a bowl for each boy.
Step 2: add a few scoops of corn to the cucumber in the bowl. Eat as much of the corn as mom allows.

Step 3: Dump the corn and cucumber insides into a chopper along with some frozen red and green pepper and a few squirts of French dressing. Chop it all up into a mush. This is noisy, destructive, and messy. And therefore tons of fun.

Step 4: Spoon most of it back into the submarine bottom
Step 5: Using O Boy's submarine as a guide (and some suggestions from the cookbook), we added a propeller, some fins and the all important periscope. This was one of the few times I've seen them happily eat plain celery and raw cauliflower (since they were a part of the submarine!).
Good thing we had a model to copy. Though that always sets up the dilemma, "But Mom, it still doesn't quite look like my submarine!" I admit, it is pretty hard to get cauliflower, cucumber and celery to realistically look like a submarine...
O Boy's submarine kept tipping over so we had to put a piece of celery next to it for the photo. He insisted on several extra fins on his sub to make it look more like his real sub, whereas Mr. T. was happy with a streamlined version so that he could move on to eating it.

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