Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Making a cherry pie

O Boy is the shopper every store owner loves; he is always coming up with new ideas of things that I should definitely buy. He is the one who has talked me into buying yogurt-covered raisins, chocolate milk, and most recently, cherries for making a cherry pie. Since I never make pies (and don't really like to despite my mom's insistence that it's really very easy) I decided we'd all try it together. So I made the pie crust and the cherry mix (I decided to buy unsweetened cherries and make my own mix - that was not something I'd do again. A little high fructose corn syrup is always worth the savings of a 1/2 hour spent standing in front of the stove) and the boys spooned the cherries in and helped put the top crust on. It didn't taste too bad, though it wouldn't have won any prizes for good looks at a country fair. Now we can move on to the next project O Boy dreams up. And the next time they want to make a pie, I'm telling them to wait until they can do it with Mimi (Grandma), who actually knows what she's doing!

The masterpiece

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