Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hike to Crane Lake

A few days ago we made an ill-fated attempt with our friends the Wards to hike the Crane Lake trail out the road. After several hours of packing and a 35 minute drive out to the trailhead, 2 of the 5 kids tipped off the boardwalk into the beaver ponds just a couple dozen yards from our cars. We hauled them out, turned around and marched back to the cars. After stripping them down and noting the large volume of water that poured out of their boots we decided to all head home and try again another day. It was probably a really good thing because the rest of that day ended up being very cold and rainy!
So today was much nicer and we decided to attempt the trail again...this time holding onto both boys' hands as we crossed the critical bridges! The boys did a great job going up and down and up and down on the sometimes slippery wooden boardwalk and steps. They loved running around and exploring in the muskeg and streams once we finally reached the lake.

The biggest surprise for us was that the lake was almost completely still covered in ice, making it pretty hard to do much paddling around. But we had to at least attempt it. Check out the video below to see the results.

Dad had to carry the Little Sweetie, 3 kid life jackets and hold an occasional hand if the going got too steep for the boys. And put up with getting his picture taken.
Our fearless leaders
First item of business: putting on life jackets. We didn't want to rule out another possible dunking. We had also brought extra boots for both boys, 1 extra winter jacket, 1 extra hat, 3 extra pairs of pants, 2 extra shirts, 4 extra pairs of underwear and a few extra pairs of socks. We were PREPARED.

Off to the North Pole!

A picnic dinner

In which we head to the North Pole. The extremely loud noise you hear in the background is us scraping through and over ice.

In which we reach the North Pole.

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