Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Community Fire Awareness Night

A few Saturdays ago our local volunteer firefighters put on a fantastic, first annual Community Fire Awareness Night. Here are some photos from the evening. After getting over their initial hesitation to touch, try on, or try anything, the boys really got into the obstacle course and even tried on a helmet at the end.

Here's O Boy and the Little Sweetie coming through the narrow opening portion of the course. This helps firefighters practice navigating through narrow openings with all their equipment on.
Mr. T belly crawls on through.
Here comes O Boy and LS out from under the low crawl section. I think the LS may be heading back towards the burning building, rather than away from it.
Here we are going down under the low crawl section.
Following the hose maze. You were supposed to be doing this on your hands and knees, never letting go of the hose...that part was a bit lost on our kids. But we did learn, "Smooth, bump, bump, back to the pump!" Now I know how to follow a hose and the hose connectors out of a smoky, burning building to the pump thanks to the Petersburg Teen Fire Fighters.
Here we are crawling through the tangled wires section of the obstacle course.

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