Friday, February 05, 2010

Ice castles/ice people

O Boy and I have been trying to make ice castles all winter - and of course we picked an El Nino winter to do it! Every time we get all the containers filled and set out, the temp rises and nothing freezes. So finally I stuffed them all in our various freezers and we made the ice castles today...even though it was 48 degrees at one point. It was still mostly fun and, as these things usually go, turned out very differently than I expected it to.

It took forever to get all the little building blocks out of their dishes, but O Boy thought it was really fun to dump hot water everywhere to hasten the process. He actually didn't want to build anything at all, and I ended up building all the little towers myself! It was sort of tricky work anyway - you had to hold the pieces together carefully until they froze together. He got the job of pouring the "glue" on (hot water) and then I stacked them up. In the end he said sort of disgustedly, "It doesn't really look like a castle!" And so we decided that we made ice people. He later had a really good time kicking them all down!
I think our favorite part was discovering the absolutely breathtaking things the ice did as it froze with the food coloring we added. I didn't expect this result at all! Double click on these pictures to see them in their full glory. God is truly the greatest Artist of all. I'd love for some scientist to explain this phenomenon to me!

The final lineup

He thought one of the blocks of ice was so cool that he wanted to show it to his Thomas friends (all his stuffed animals are called "Thomas friends" ... "because they like Thomas (the tank engine) like I do") and take a picture with it. He set up this picture and asked me to take it.

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