Sunday, February 07, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to our Little Sweetie!

Hard to believe that our Little Sweetie is already ONE. She's been such an amazingly delightful gift from God. We both hate to see her grow up and enjoy watching her new antics every day.
We love you so much, Little Sweetie!

She had croup on her birthday and you can tell she's not really her usual smiley self. I think the huge bear kind of shocked her into silence too.
My trusty assistants, always willing to lick a spatula at a moment's notice.
The final cake! Thanks to "Auntie Deb" Ernst for sending it up to us as a Christmas present. We couldn't wait for our first chance to try it out! The boys were a bit disappointed we didn't turn it into the "Santa Bear" featured on the box. I also voted down the "Princess Bear" option as well. How much time do these people think I have to spend on a CAKE??
"What is this strange thing?"
"I'll just lick the frosting, thanks."
Her first bite of ice cream...
...And possibly her last! I wish I had this reaction to eating ice cream. I think I'd eat it a whole lot less.
This is a video of why you don't waste a lot of time and energy on birthday parties for 1 year olds! They get completely overwhelmed by the whole experience. I love watching her completely bewildered expression as her eyes flick back and forth between me filming her and Phil coming at her with a huge bear cake. This was definitely all a strange new experience for her!


Stewart Family said...

I love this post! The pictures are priceless. The ice cream pictures...oh my. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! I can't believe you're already ONE!

Beth said...

Your video made me laugh out loud. AJ's bday (two week ago) reaction was very similar! :-) Happy Birthday to Mom and Dad too! Such a celebration of life!