Saturday, January 09, 2010

Snowmen snacks

We've made snowmen snacks a few times before in the winter so of course my boys started asking when we'd do it again about as soon as the first flurries hit around here. So we finally hauled out the marshmallows again yesterday to make some very fine (and delicious) snowmen with friends. Each time we discover how to make this snack better - I started with cut bananas and peanut butter (to hold the banana slices together). Then we switched to marshmallows which admittedly look more snowman-like. Yesterday we abandoned the peanut butter for the much stickier marshmallow cream. If you're already downing a bunch of sugar, why not add to it? The other modification we made was abandoning the standing up snowman position. They simply just keep falling over. So we had the kids make their snowmen laying down (this of course allows for snowmen taller than 3 marshmallows, which Mr. T discovered right away).
Here's our friend Mary with her snowman and snow baby:
O Boy's got pretty detailed, with shoes and arms and some clothing.
This is one of the versions of Mr. T's snowman. He built the basic body and then kept adding (and then eating), and then adding (and then eating) various details. So the Cheerios are his second set of eyeballs (he ate the first version).
This expression on Martha says, "I came here to eat the snowman, not make him for a picture!" :-)

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