Saturday, January 30, 2010

Setting Sail on The Good Ship Olliepop

O Boy celebrated his 4th birthday with a birthday party of his own creation: an Olliepop birthday! It all started when he told his Papa over Christmas that he is going to have a boat and give candy to fishermen when he grows up. Papa came home and drew the following picture of the Good Ship Olliepop: (click on it to see all the amazing details!)

We then turned it into the cake pictured below. It was a candy bonanza!

Here are pictures of the little sailors who came along for the birthday cruise. The project we did was making sailor hats. My amazing friend Erin hand cut out little sea creatures for the kids to paste on their hats. Thanks, Erin!
In the background you can see 2 of the boats O Boy, Mr. T and I painted on the windows as part of the party decoration.

The game we played was, of course, Pin the Lollipop on the Olliepop!
Here's Grandma Alice reluctantly taking her turn...
Here are the kids laughing delightedly at Grandma Alice's lollipop hanging up in the air!

The Smallest Sailor

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McDorky said...

Such a cute birthday party! Love Uncle John's drawing! Reminded me of the old puppet show days when he would draw the Grinch fliers and such!