Friday, January 08, 2010

Sailing the high seas

Here's O Boy and his best friend turning our slide into a pirate ship. The bunk bed ladder I attached to the side of it made it much easier and safer for them to climb up and down off the top - the crow's nest, of course. Thanks to Sheri and Wyatt for providing all these fun pirate accessories at Wyatt's pirate birthday. We use the pirate toys all the time!

I guess the spyglass is more effective when you look through it backwards...
O Boy is holding up his "map." This is a page that fell out of a book on hurricanes that we have and it's a picture of a hurricane tracking program on a computer. So it has all these "maplike" markings. He loves to trace around it and say things like, "I'm going norf (north)." It appears in all his pretend sequences like hikes and pirate sailings as a reliable map so I haven't taped it back into the book. It's getting much better use this way!

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