Thursday, January 07, 2010

Only boys would think of this

We brought our plastic slide in for the winter and, since it is a bit too small to provide lots of fun as simply a slide for the boys (but the Little Sweetie loves it) they have turned it into many, many other things. Please note the bunk bed ladder bungy-corded to the side - this allows them to climb up and down off the top easily. But the other day I noticed that they had taken the basic "sliding" activity and added some typical boy danger fun to it. They were using each other as sliding mats to go down the slide. This gave a limited amount of good sliding action but as a "smush your brother" activity, this got high marks. They did try hoisting the Little Sweetie onto one or the other to have her slide down this way too but that got vetoed by mom as crossing the line into the too dangerous category. What will they think of next?

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