Thursday, January 07, 2010

More food fun

This is a fun snack from a cookbook we got for Christmas. It's fairly healthy and, since it contains a bit of chocolate, also pretty delicious.

First have your kids unwrap their bananas. The step I didn't photograph was melting a few tablespoons of chocolate chips, a few tablespoons of peanut butter and a tablespoon or two of milk. I don't think the amounts need to be that exact. Then stir it all together and spread a bit of the peanut butter mix onto some tortillas (flour or whole wheat).
Put your banana down in the middle of the chocolate mix and wrap it up. I found our tortillas wanted to break a bit at this point. The final product definitely didn't look like the beautifully staged photos in the cookbook but they were still very good.
Slice the wraps into bit-sized chunks (this was fun for the boys to do with plastic knives). Again, this didn't work as well (the wraps kind of fell apart) as the cookbook suggested it might but the pieces were still edible if you just crammed it all in your mouth! We were all pretty surprised at how great these tasted.

Straw cups are great for fun and great for oral motor therapy!

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