Friday, January 08, 2010

Foot painting

A long time ago we did some foot painting. It was very messy and a bit fun. Probably more fun for them than me. It's definitely one of those activities that takes way longer to clean up after than it does to enjoy. So I decided to try it again a few weeks before Christmas. I had grand plans of making a Christmas tree we could hang ornaments on or take off to count down to Christmas. That part never quite materialized. But we did stomp out a mighty fine Christmas tree. Little note to self and any other brave souls who might attempt this activity: TAPE THE PAPER YOU ARE PAINTING ON DOWN. Halfway into the painting "fun" I remembered that this was something I also discovered halfway through last time. Why don't I write these things down or something?

Little Sweetie was fascinated by the bucket which was standing by for boys to rinse off in. She tried to submerge most of her body in the bucket while the boys covered themselves in green paint. I definitely do not have enough arms at times like that.

Rinsing off and being silly

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