Saturday, January 23, 2010

Animal masks

Here's another fantastic book we discovered at the library last week:
In it are some really fun masks to make out of paper. Each mask also has a corresponding short animal tale that goes along with it. The skunk mask that O Boy chose to have us make was incredibly easy - the boys did almost all the work themselves with me just handing them tape and helping them put it down. Just make sure you have a LARGE roll of tape available if you do this project with little boys. They loved using lots of tape.

We started the project the day before, painting the black construction paper so that our skunks were actually very colorful skunks!
This is Mr. T lifting his skunk tail to spray someone. They waited excitedly for Dad to come home at the end of the day so that they could greet him in their masks and "spray" him.

Mr. T had also asked to make a giraffe mask so we googled it and found this easy one online. O Boy cut his out all by himself while Mr. T and I made his skunk mask. This was O Boy's first time doing so much cutting and he did a great job!

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Ms. Katie said...

Wow! That takes serious persistence and fine motor! Way to go, O!