Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Twins" can be pretty fun...and pretty messy!

We had some friends staying with us for a few days and our 2 babies (10 days apart) provided many, many opportunities for laughter and great photo moments. These two funny babies were continually switching pacifiers (it's amazing no one got sick!). As soon as we would switch them back, they'd head for the other one's pacifier and switch back again. !!

Here's Baby Ty delighting in his food.
Little Sweetie loves to eat too...
Here are the adorables:

Bye Ty! We loved having you (and your bro and mom) over!

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Cody Meg Wywy Izy and Ruby said...

Look at the beautiful blue eyes! She's beautiful. We LOVE the dress too - Grandma sent us the same one :)