Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our first snowman

Last year we got dumped on with so much snow that we never could really make a snowman; before that the boys were too young. So finally, this is the year we had the right snow and the right manpower to build a real snowman! It's been perfect snowman snow this year so far (and we have a large snowbunny on our lawn).
Things you should know about this snowman:
I had totally forgotten how extremely heaving snowballs could get so fast. That's why he only has 2 body parts - I didn't want to roll another ball! His face is cranberries (all could think to use since it was already dark out) and was promptly eaten away the next morning by birds. At the breakfast table Mr. T exclaimed, "Noman! No face! Mom!" and sure enough, no face on the poor guy. Lesson learned. His nose was a nice organic carrot which (we thought) was promptly thrown over the deck by Mr. T the moment I turned my back. I should have seen than coming but I didn't. Actually, several days (and lots of rain) later, we discovered the carrot still on the deck - he'd almost thrown it over the edge but he missed and it got buried in the snow. It has now reappeared and will live again as another nose on another snowman. This guy isn't looking so good as of today; I think his head fell off yesterday thanks to El Nino and tons of rain.
It was fun making a snowman again. We have a picture book about snowmen and the kids in the book say something like, "It's amazing! These things work year after year!" And that was my reaction too - I had forgotten how easy and fun it is to make snowmen (and how much lumpier they really are than picture book snowmen). Thank you God for snow!

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