Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween 2009

Here's O Boy's (the doggie) preschool class. Apparently O Boy the doggie doesn't have the same aversion to group pictures that O Boy the little boy does. He (the dog) lined up for this one without batting an eye. Perhaps next year we'll send him to his group picture in costume.
Here's Mr. T (the lion) with his class
Little Sweetie got to dress up in the $1 butterfly outfit I found for her for our playgroup costume parade at our local assisted living center.

Here's one attempt to get (most) of the recent playgroup babies in one picture! At least one more baby didn't make it into the shot because she was asleep!
All these babies are about 9 months so as soon as we set them down, they began crawling away like little ants. And unfortunately for the little pumpkin (who is much younger and can't sit up on his own), that meant he went tipping over!
LS and her sidekick, Ty
This was taken at O Boy's preschool. Here's O Boy's friend Charlotte giving the LS a little costume support.

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