Thursday, November 26, 2009

First Sledding 2009

A few weeks ago we got our first good snow; meaning enough to sled on! So we hauled out the sleds and piled into the car to go sledding with some friends "out the road."
Mr. T was an expert at bailing over the side if he felt at all like he was going to crash.

Little Sweetie got a few runs in both on the big sled with mom and going free solo by being pulled along behind us in her own little sled.

O Boy desperately wanted to go "in the hole" which meant get to the end of the run and drop down, out of sight, into a tree well. The bigger boys we were with were doing it, after all. But it was kind of dangerous since you had to lean quickly to the side when you dropped out of sight to avoid smashing into the tree. So I finally pushed him off and watched him head for "the hole." Sure enough, he dropped down and disappeared a few seconds while we all held our breaths and expected to hear a big crash. Then his little orange sled appeared again and he came up with a HUGE smile, having conquered "the Hole" like the big boys.

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