Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bird feeders

Quite a while back for some reason I thought it would be fun to make bird feeders with the boys. And nothing so ambitious as this is ever as fun as when you include several other friends, so we invited a pack of friends over and had a grand time making some things that performed as bird feeders for a few days (until they were filled to the top with rain!).

We got the instructions off the internet, though everyone kind of free-wheeled on their own end product. The options for decoration were: water based paint (washed off in the rain immediately), glue and several kinds of beans (also washed or eaten off), and stickers (soggy, but still sticking). This was another good example of the process being way more important than the actual functionality of the end product.

Here's one of O Boy's preschool friends putting stickers carefully on hers.

O Boy went with paint and stickers.
We moms hauled out a hair dryer to get them dry enough for a second layer of decorations (usually glued beans) and of course, dry enough for the trip home!
Little Sweetie getting a blast from the hair dryer.
Mr. T's final product
O Boy's final product (note the compromise: I got to take a picture of his bird feeder, he didn't have to actually be completely in the picture.)

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