Saturday, October 03, 2009

What's Mr. T up to these days?

I used to post pictures of Mr. T doing therapy all the time while we were travelling to Juneau and having therapists in our home. Now he gets his therapy at school and I rarely get to see what they are up to. Kind of sad! But occasionally I stop in and a few weeks ago I took my camera along to record some of his accomplishments.

Catching a ball is one of his most delightful skills - as you can see from the slightly blurry smile on his face.
Here's Mr. T with Barb doing more catching.
Zooming around in the hammock swing

One of the main ways Barb works with Mr. T is with obstacle courses. They are fun for him and put all his skills together into one package deal (plus it works on following directions and memory as he has to remember where to go and what to do). Here he is doing an obstacle course with Barb. He loves to make "occacle courses" (his words) for himself at home and is always setting up some series of things to climb over. You can hear O Boy in the background asking if he can join in the fun and have a turn...

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