Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Picnic

A few weeks ago O Boy decided that his big project of the week would be to create a picnic. He (strictly) followed his picnic guidebook, the board book My Picnic Basket, in planning the event. He even looked at the illustration of the fruit salad container with tiny pictures of fruit on it to decide what kinds of fruit would be in the salad. Unfortunately it looked like they had drawn a lemon on the container and I notified him that we wouldn't be having lemon in our fruit salad. But almost everything else was followed to perfection (our cupcakes were green instead of pink like the book due to a shortage of red food coloring in the Smith house). On the first day he wrote up his menu with my help (and the book of course). He made his invitation (for Charlotte of course) and delivered it. Then we spent a few days shopping, making the food and of course assembling the picnic site. For several days he was tossing around where to have it. Even though the book's picnic is in the little boy's backyard on a red and white checkered blanket, this was one point where he demanded departure from the script; it could not be in our side yard on our grass. For some reason. So then he had to scout out places with grass around town (there aren't many). Fortunately for me (who would have had to cart all the picnic trappings, a baby, and 3 kids) it rained on the day of the picnic and we set it up in our living room. But Charlotte and Becky came and 3 excited kids enjoyed a very well-planned picnic.
Frosting the cupcakes - they had to have sprinkles too since the ones in the book did. He actually wanted to exactly match the color of the sprinkles in the book. He had to be satisfied with the sprinkles I had on hand.
Our carrot sticks were cut in all sorts of strange sizes since I let the boys do this (I recommend steaming them before attempting this activity with toddlers). We also had about 3 times as many carrot sticks as we needed since they wanted to keep cutting and cutting and cutting. Therapy note: this is a great fine motor activity!
The Picnic Site: note the flowers in the middle. They were picked especially that morning to match another illustration in our picnic book.

The picnic crew

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