Sunday, October 25, 2009

My world just expanded one-hundredfold!

Saturday the Little Sweetie discovered that she could pull to stand on our windowsills. Instantly her world became a whole lot bigger! Now she can stand up and Phil can see her head peeking up over the windowsill from his office. That's another fun thing we'll miss when he moves across town! You'll note in the video that the boys were very obviously trying to get me to pay attention to THEM instead of giving their sister a tiny 1 minute 40 seconds of my time. !!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Little Sweetie! She sounds like a little banty chicken trying to crow!! Mimi

McDorky said...

"Okay, come on!" So funny! You are such a good mom, Jess! My mom always tells the story about how YOU were the only one my sister would walk for when she was a baby!